We deal in a special blend of tea called Hyleys Tea, which is imported from Sri Lanka. Hyleys Tea was established in the year 1997, and has become one of the leading packers and suppliers of quality tea leaves across the globe. We deal in all types of teas under the brand name Hyleys Tea. This wide portfolio includes:

Tea (Nature’s Harmony Tea):

Black Tea & Lemon (BOOST):

Our premium range of black tea comprises of tea grown in the highlands of Ceylon and natural lemon. The is full of natural antioxidants, which makes a very healthy beverage as well.

Ceylon Black Tea (INVIGORATE):

Black tea that is handpicked from the plantations of Ceylon, which gives it a distinctive sweet aroma and taste. The tea contains essential oils, vitamins and minerals that propagates good health in the consumer.

Green Tea (ELEVATE):

An exquisite blend of green tea sourced from the best tea plantations in Ceylon and China. The tea has a delicate fragrance and a mild taste that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which makes it healthy and tasty beverage.

Green Tea & Mint (REVIVE):

A relishing beverage of green tea and mint leaves that gives this blend its characteristic refreshing taste. The tea leaves are chosen specifically from the best hills of China and Ceylon, which perfectly complements its uplifting aroma.

Green Tea & Lemon (REJUVENATE):

Green tea and lemon is a classic favorite when it comes to green tea. Like most other blends, the leaves for this one too is procured from the highlands of Ceylon and China. The antioxidant properties of tea leaves complements the immune building properties of lemon, which makes for a refreshing drink.

Green Tea & Chamomile (RELAX):

The unique blend of green tea and chamomile gives the drink a relaxing demeanor. The leaves are handpicked form the highlands of China and Ceylon. This tea blend is well known for its bactericide properties, reduced nervous strain, stimulates digestion and provides wonderful tonic effect.